We Buy Gold!

Items we purchase:

  • select diamonds
  • gold and platinum jewelry
  • gold watches
  • dental fillings, teeth, bridges and crowns
  • silver tea sets and silverware

Get a 50% Bonus for Store Credit  
Sell your diamonds and gold to Summerlin Jewelers for cash, or trade in your gold for 50% extra for store credit. For example, if you have $1,000 of gold to sell, you could have $1,500 in-store credit!

Looking for an Appraisal?
Often people come into Summerlin Jewelers asking for an appraisal of the jewelry they want to sell. An appraisal is a written document with detailed measurements and testing. In virtually all cases when selling jewelry, we find the cost of an appraisal exceeds the benefit you get from it. On the other hand, if you have a very expensive item that you plan to sell on the private market, then you may get a higher price if you have a written appraisal.

Most of the time people want an offer, not an appraisal, and an offer is free! An offer is what we will pay you, right now, with a check. It’s not a written document telling you about the jewelry, the diamonds, and gemstones.

Redesign your jewelry instead of selling it
Sometimes people bring in jewelry to sell that has great potential for a redesign. This occurs most frequently when there is a large, valuable diamond or other gemstone. If your jewelry has diamonds of similar sizes, they can work really well for bands, bracelets, halos, drops. . . you name it! You can redesign around it now, save it for later, or pass it down to the next generation. Of course, if you need the money, we’ll purchase it.

Consign your Jewelry
We consign a few select pieces. This jewelry is usually vintage or antique jewelry, or recently purchased jewelry that is still in fashion and of good quality. Jewelry that has been well-loved usually needs refurbishment and therefore isn’t a good candidate for consignment.

If you have a truly saleable piece in great condition, you can expect to get a higher amount for consignment instead of an outright sale. But there’s no guarantee of when it will sell, and sometimes it doesn’t sell at all. There’s also the refurbishment cost, if any, to consider. When you bring in your jewelry, we’ll advise you if we believe that your jewelry is a good candidate for consignment.

Verbal Appraisals
Do you have jewelry or diamonds that you think might be rare or valuable? Did you receive jewelry from an estate? You may want a verbal appraisal to find out the value.


Not sure what you’ve got? Bring it in to Summerlin Jewelers. We'll give you cash for gold!