How to Curate Your Own Jewelry Collection

collection of jewelry in white gold and diamonds


The right jewelry is a focal point of any outfit. Your jewelry collection is a lifetime investment that you can enjoy every day and even hand down to your children. So today we are sharing tips on how to create an elegant and timeless jewelry collection.
Choose your metal.
Yes, mixing metals in outfit is very important, but at the same time you should know what color metal compliments your skin tone better than others. It is crucial to understand if warmer tones of rose and yellow gold work better for you, or if you prefer colder tones of white gold. The best way to understand which metal looks better on you is to simply try different pieces on and get a feel of what suits you best.

diamond tennis bracelet in white gold

Take your time.
We understand that it takes time and a budget to curate a jewelry collection, and it should not be a rush. Every jewelry purchase should be well considered, so you do not have any regrets afterwards, and that way you also have enough time to set aside money for the purchase.
Do not be led by trends.
If you want to build a timeless jewelry collection forget about the trends, as they come and go, and we recommend focusing on pieces that will last you a lifetime and you will never get tired of them. Of course, you can have couple of fashion pieces in your collection, but the base should be classic and timeless.

diamond pear shaped necklace in white gold

Invest in a quality over the quantity.
Obviously, you want your jewelry collection to last a lifetime and may be even to pass it down through the family in the future. So, make sure to purchase a good quality jewelry.
Start with classic pieces.
Classis pieces are the perfect base for any jewelry collection that allows you to incorporate a huge range of different styles. Every woman in her collection should have:
Diamond stud earrings
Tennis bracelet
Solitaire necklace
Fine bangle
Dainty stackable rings

diamond cluster stud earring in white gold

Invest in statement pieces.
Combining a classic look with a couple of statement pieces is the best way to make all your appearance more trendy, stylish, and eye-catching. This way you can mix and match different jewelry, creating new looks. We recommend paying attention to cocktail rings, statement chandelier earrings, wide bangles, and oversized necklaces or pendants.